Shay Waters

Shay has been involved in the Spoken Arts for over 30 years. She has written and delivered numerous speeches, and made countless presentations.
She has taught acting to children and adults, and has directed and performed in several plays. She has been nominated and won Theatre BC awards for her achievements.

Andy Krieger

Accent Reduction
Graduated from Stanford University, Andy is passionate about teaching and is an expert in accent reduction. Andy worked on the Jackie Chan movie, The Forbidden Kingdom, as a dialogue coach. He has had the pleasure of working with Jackie, Li Bing Bing, and Crystal Yifei Liu.

Darren Frew

Public Speaking

Darren won Toastmasters District 96 Table Topics Champion in 2015, and Toastmasters District 96 Evaluation Speech Champion in 2016. He is a distinguished Public Speaking Trainer and Interview Coach.

Laara Hinnegan

Creative Writing

Laara has been a Secondary English Teacher in Canada for 30 years. She is an experienced Writer, Editor, Broadcaster, Speech Coach, Curriculum Writer, and Provincial Exam Marker.

Carol Carter

Public Speaking

Carol won second place in the Toastmasters International World Championships of Public Speaking Semi-Finals in 2012. She is also a Master Instructor of Canada International Youth Public Speaking Contest.

Receive mentorship from the best.

As part of the contest programme, contestants receive training in public speaking and stage skills from world-class Toastmasters and speech mentors at APASS Education Group in Vancouver.

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Achieve your personal best at the contest.

The training sessions are geared towards the contest. Training in expression, delivery, listening and response skills are designed to improve the participants’ delivery of their prepared speeches and their ability to listen and respond to questions.

Foster critical and logical thinking skills.

Training in organization and prioritization of arguments, reasoning and analysis, as well as critical thinking skills are designed to improve the participants’ ability to write and deliver an impromptu speech.

Awaken the talented giant in you…

The workshops are delivered by experts in drama, theatre and performance, and are also designed to enhance the participants’ expressive and persuasive abilities, as well as their improvisation skills and their self-confidence.

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