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Event information:

This will be an online/in-person event held in Vancouver, BC, Canada. There will be 3 divisions split based on grade level, with all divisions competing in the original oratory format. Please note that the Public Speaking tournament and Debate tournament runs concurrently and cannot be double entered.


$50/ entry

Tournament format:

Divisions: All divisions are based upon the student’s grade level in their current school year

Junior: Grade 1-5Original Oratory- 3 minutes
Middle: Grade 6- 8Original Oratory- 5 minutes
Senior: Grade 9 & upOriginal Oratory- 7 minutes

Registration process

Deadline: TBD

Step 1: Click Here for individual entries and fill out your registration form for info and payment

Alternatively, you can register using the QR code below.

Step 2: TBA