Public Speaking Contest

What Does This Year’s Canada Youth Public Speaking Contest Involve?

In the past two years, due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, there was a turning point in the way we perceive challenges and the way we equip ourselves to use them to grow as responsible individuals. A small virus seems to have changed our entire outlook and the world around us.
However, one thing is certain! The varying levels of challenges, such as climate change, global pandemics, and even choosing career paths, can become opportunities for growth. This is achieved through changes in our attitudes and how we interact with others.

We firmly believe that it is important that students are provided a platform to express what they are passionate about. Therefore, this year’s competition aims to give that opportunity to youth from all over the world to present their thoughts on the following:

One Earth, One World

By doing so, students will be able to articulate their thoughts, concerns, and suggestions about some of the challenges facing us these days and how we can navigate them and grow as a result. They will present us with new ways of thinking and promote leadership and taking initiatives.

Who Can Enter the Contest?

We welcome the youth in age 8-17 from the world:

Participant’s age on August 28th, 2021
Junior Group: Ages 8-10; 4-6 minute speech
Middle Group: Ages 11-13; 6-8 minute speech
Senior Group: Ages 14-17; 8-10 minute speech

Important Dates

Registration Deadline: August 22nd, 2021

Contest: August 27-28, 2021

Award Presentation: Sept 4th, 2021

How the contest works

  • Preliminaries: Virtual on August 27th, 2021
  • Semi-Final and Final: Virtual on August 28th in Vancouver BC Canada


Junior Group

First Place: Ella Dong, Richmond Christian School, Richmond BC Canada

Second Place: Olivia Pang, Southpointe Academy, Delta BC Canada

Third Place: Jay Lee, South Korea

Middle Group

First Place: Sanvi Gupta, Moscrop Secondary, Burnaby BC Canada

Second Place: Annie Zhao, Crofton House School, Vancouver BC Canada

Third Place: James Wang, Lord Kitchener Elementary, Vancouver BC Canada

Senior Group

First Place: Renee Ma, R.A. McMath Secondary School, Richmond BC Canada

Second Place: David Park, Korea International School, South Korea

Second Place: Jaiden Ahuja, Mulgrave School, West Vancouver BC Canada

Third Place: Victoria Moldovan, Southpointe Academy, Delta BC Canada

Honorable Mention

Alicia Yan, Mulgrave School, West Vancouver BC Canada

Simon Lu, Peking University Elementary School, Beijing P.R.China

Ellie Sheu, West Point Grey Academy, Vancouver BC Canada

Amy He, Crofton House, Vancouver BC Canada

Sean Yan, Lord Byng Secondary, Vancouver BC Canada