Canada International Youth Public Speaking Contest

The first Canada International Youth Public Speaking Contest was successfully held in Vancouver Playhouse on Nov. 26th, 2017

Our Committee

Jan Walls

Professor of SFU
Dr. Walls began his academic career teaching Chinese language and East Asian cultures at the University of British Columbia (1970-78) and the University of Victoria (1978-85). In addition to teaching, he founded and directed the Centre for Pacific and Oriental Studies at Victoria. From 1981 to 1983 he served as First Secretary for Cultural and Scientific Affairs at the Canadian Embassy in Beijing, and from 1985 to 1987 he was Senior Vice President of the newly established Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, where he founded and developed the first Education and Cultural Affairs programs. Beyond Walls’ academic achievement, he has been working on building bridges between Western and Eastern culture. Serving as an ambassador for these cultures, he has made significant contribution to strengthening relationships and understanding between these nations. Walls’ extraordinary life experience makes him the perfect representative of Language Arts, either in English or Chinese. It is our honor in having Jan Walls on our Public Speaking Contest committee.

Carol Carter

Award-winning Trainner
Our engaging and inspiring trainer is the 2012 BC Champion of Public Speaking, Carol Carter. She placed 2nd in her Semi-Finals in Orlando, Florida, making her one of the top 18 speakers in the Toastmasters world that year.

Elaine Qin

Education Specialist
Great combination of work and life experiences in Canada and China makes Dr. Elaine Qin a wise educator and successful business person. Elaine has the passion on Youth Public Speaking training for best future of all.

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